This project took me over 5 years to build. I consulted the biographies of every 45000 and 31000, built a structure and selected 70 women and men whom I believed told all together the best story about those 2 incredible groups.
I couldn't have done this without the help of my family and friends, as well as those who spent some of their time with me, telling me the stories of their relatives.
I wish to thank
Bali Engel/Marie-France Landour / Claude Landour
Yves Jegouzo
Head of Bureau of former prisoners of the museum of Auschwitz Birkenau Mr Piotr Supinski
Marija Poplasa
Sara Ranogajek
Claudie Trocmet
Marion Quesny
Paul Filippi
Natasha Giler
Christine and Andre LeBreton
Sabrine Quadri Mounier
Marc Chantran
Francoise Tomeno
Henri Millet
Armelle Jourdaine
Silvie Rosenthal et Pascal Peinoit
Frederic Guinchan
Michel Cordillot
Gilles Pichavant
Claude Pennetier
Tamsin Embleton
Jeanette Roquier Drouillas
Marcelle Villette
Henri Vilette
Francis Debarre
Nicole Pietrin
Raphael Badache
Claude Pauquet
Roger Buffard
Thierry Jamblois
Diane Cuny
Alain Niechcicki
Michael Prazan
Josette Marti Roze
Christine Guillot
Serge Cimier
Sylvio Cuciniello
Martine Devaux
Catherine Lipszyc
Celmar Engel 
Julie landour
Thibaut chatel
Francoise La Tuilerie
Marion Lefebvre
Lorene Nowicki
Claude Alice Peyrottes
Violaine Gelly
Paul Thevenin
Michel Oboeuf
Caroline Moorehead
Julia Maitre, assistante a la regie des collections du Memorial de l'internement et de la deportation du camp de Royallieu
Cyrille Le Quellec, centre de documentation de la fondation pour la memoire de la deportation
And Claudine Cardon Hamet, for writing on the 45000

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