I am very pleased to share with you this short film, the elaborate end of Robert ebb!

Here is the story: Robert Ebb is a night watchman, he dresses up as a monster one night to scare his colleague. The prank works, the colleague is scared, but unfortunately Robert gets stuck in the costume.....and a whole village tracks him to kill the beast!
Crazy project, set in the 60's, shot in Britanny, british actors, a ridiculously heavy 2.5m monster costume, old cars, a drive-in cinema, oh boy, that's already a long list!
The film was written and directed by Clement Bolla, Fx Goby and Mat Landour.
Produced by les films de l'arlequin, JPL Films and Nexus Productions.
And here is an extra cool making of!
And even a sweet long trailer!
And some images from the film and the shoot!
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